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The Hockey Farm

Established 2010

Nestled serenely on the banks of the mighty Oliphants River is a farm that is slightly different from all the rest. You see, this farm is growing Hockey. It's a farm that takes little baby hockey players (called Hocklings) and nurtures them in the finest of hockey fields until they grow into strong prize winning hockey stars.

Our Mission

Our mission is to passionately promote and enhance the sport of hockey in our community.  We wish to share, organise and develop this wonderful game with all people within our reach.  We wish to ensure that all those who involve themselves, be it as players, umpires, coaches, administrators or spectators, are given the opportunity to learn, grow and participate in the sport.  We will support them at all levels, whether they participate socially or through to the highest levels of competition. We are committed to providing information, co-ordination, advice and sound management of the sport whilst promoting equity and good sportsmanship for all.

We wish to see a community where hockey is a thriving sport, where all people, regardless of their age, standing or background, can share in this wonderful game. Whether they are players, umpires, coaches, administrators or just spectators, we wish to see them enjoying their participation.  We wish to give them opportunities to learn and grow in their knowledge of the game and have access to all levels of the sport.  We wish to provide safe environments and facilities in which to practise, play or support hockey.

Our Vision
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