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Terms of Use

Dated January 2023


This website is owned and operated by all entities associated with The Hockey Farm (namely: Cephren Trading and Investments CC, Meadow Brook Properties 57 CC, Fun and Sports Time, and  Hockey Farm Events). These Terms set forth the terms and conditions under which you may use our website, mobile app, and the services as offered by us on those platforms. This website and associates mobile apps offers visitors information about The Hockey Farm and provides access to products and services offered by The Hockey Farm. This includes an online store, and online booking service. By accessing or using the website, mobile app, and any of the associated the services offered, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms. Please read the full set of Terms and Conditions carefully.

If you do not accept these terms of use, please do not use this Website. Your continued use of this site confirms your acceptance of these terms.


Please Note:
1.    Please read our terms of use carefully. Your use of this website, mobile app and any of the services offered on this website/app will be subject to the terms and conditions listed in this document at the time of your use. If you do not accept these terms of use, you may not use our services.
2.    Our terms contain specific provisions to limit our liability, allocate risk or liability to you or constitute acknowledgement of certain facts by you. These terms have been set out in capital letters. You should pay particular attention to these terms since they limit your ability to recover losses that you may incur in connection with your use of this web site.
3.    If you are not yet 18 (eighteen), you must obtain your parents’ or legal guardians’ advance authorisation, permission and consent to be bound by our terms of use prior to you using any of our services or participating in any of the activities offered. If you are under 18 (eighteen) and fail to obtain such consent you may not access our web site, use the services or participate in the activities available via our website/app. The use of some of our services may require that you are over 18 (eighteen) and of full legal capacity. In such event you should ask your parent or legal guardian to perform the transaction for you.
4.    We may change our terms of use from time to time. Such changes will take effect as and when published. Therefore, you should keep up to date with their content and read these terms of use on a regular basis since the then current version of these terms will apply to your use. If you continue to use our services after our amended terms of use have been published, it will constitute a deemed acceptance of such amended terms of use.


Part A: General Information and Terms
1. General Information

Here is some general information about us:

  • “We” are group of companies operating under the name of The Hockey Farm.

  • We are a group of private companies, all incorporated in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa. 

  • The companies operating at The Hockey Farm include: Cephren Trading and Investments CC – Registration Number 2000/047080/23; Meadow Brook Properties CC – registration number 2005/007577/23; Fun and Sports Time; & Hockey Farm Events.

  • Our postal address is Postnet Suite 66, Pvt Bag X7260, Witbank, 1035.

  • The Hockey Farm physical address Plot 83 Kromdraai, on the R555, in Witbank.

  • Our registered address of establishment is at Ennead House, 27 OR Tambo Road in eMalahleni(Witbank) and we will accept service of all legal documents there.

  • Our telephone number is +27 13 656-3650.

  • Our website is located at

  • Our e-mail address is

  • We use the following VAT numbers: Cephren Trading – 4720194325; Meadow Brook - 4260220407.

  • Our Webmaster can be contacted at

  • Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted at

2. General Terms of Use
In order to make use of the services offered on our website/app, you must be at least 18 years old, or the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction, and possess the legal authority, right and freedom to enter into these terms as a binding agreement. You are not allowed to use this website/app and/or receive services if doing so is prohibited in your country or under any law or regulation applicable to you.

You are responsible for any and all costs or fees associated with your connection to, and usage of this website/app and the services offered.

3. Definitions In these terms of use:
  •  “Booking” means any reservation or booking of a course, class, session, facility, or event. This may or may not include the issuance of a ticket.

  •  “Booking Terms” means the standard terms and conditions associated with any booking.

  •  “Content” means any information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages, and tags contained on this website/app.

  •  “terms of use” means the terms and conditions set out herein.

  •  “We”, “us” and “our” means The Hockey Farm (as defined in section 1) (and, unless the context indicates otherwise, its owners, employees, contractors, suppliers, service providers, agents and affiliates).

  •  “You” mean the user of this website/app;

Hyperlinks, which are not operational, will not in any way detract from the validity and interpretation of these terms.

4. Conditions of Use for this Web Site

WEBSITE/APP ACCESS - It is not necessary to register with us in order to use most parts of this website/app. However, particular areas of this Website/app will only be accessible only if you have registered. You will be required to choose a username and a password when registering with us or using some of our services. You are responsible for keeping your username and password secret. You will be required to enter your username and password every time you want to use one of our services. YOU ACCEPT THAT YOU WILL BE PERSONALLY LIABLE FOR ALL TRANSACTIONS CONCLUDED ON YOUR ACCOUNT. 

USE OF WEBSITE/APP - This website/app may be used for your own private purposes and in accordance with these terms and conditions of use. You may not access this website/app for the purposes of redistributing or otherwise using the content for your own business - unless you have our written consent to do so. You may print and download material from this Website/app provided that you do not modify or reproduce any content without our prior written consent.  You may not use this website/app in anyway which may be considered illegal, or in a way which infringes upon the rights of our staff, service providers, other users, or other third-parties. We reserve the right to remove or block any usage that hampers anyone's right of enjoyment of this website/app. You are requested not to upload any content that is considered derogatory, discriminatory, an infringement of copyright, or in any way illegal or against regulation. We reserve the right to make a determination of what is considered a violation of this request.


SITE/APP AVAILABILITY - All reasonable measures are taken by us to ensure that this Website/app is operational all day, every day. However, occasionally technical issues may result in some downtime and accordingly we will not be liable if this website/app is unavailable at any time.  We further cannot guarantee any Mobile App's availability in the app stores.

We reserve the right, at our sole and absolute discretion, to change, make additions, or delete any content, without notice, at any time.


VISITOR PROVIDED MATERIAL - Any material that a visitor/user to this Website/app sends or posts to this Website/app shall be considered non-proprietary and non-confidential. We shall be entitled to copy, disclose, distribute or use for such other purpose as we deem appropriate all material provided to us, with the exception of personal information, the use of which is covered under our Privacy Policy.  

When using this website/app you shall not post or send to or from this Website/app any material:

  • for which you have not obtained all necessary consents;

  • that is discriminatory, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, liable to incite racial hatred, in breach of confidentiality or privacy, which may cause annoyance or inconvenience to others, which encourages or constitutes conduct that would be deemed a criminal offence, give rise to a civil liability, or otherwise is contrary to the law in South Africa;

  • which is harmful in nature including, and without limitation, computer viruses, trojan horses, corrupted data, or other potentially harmful software or data.

We will fully co-operate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requiring us to disclose the identity or other details of any person posting material to this website in breach of this condition.

We will try monitor all content uploaded to our website/app, but there will be occasions where we may miss content that is uploaded. In such circumstances, we request other users to immediately inform us of any content that violates our upload policies so that we may take the relevant action.

We in no way endorse any product, service or advice mentioned in our blogs, chats, forums, comments, or similar avenues. And similarly, view expressed on these platforms are not necessarily those of The Hockey Farm.

LINKS TO AND FROM OTHER WEBSITES - Throughout our website/app you may find links to third party websites. The provision of a link to such a website does not mean that we endorse that website.  If you visit any website via a link on this website/app, you do so at your own risk.


Any party wishing to link to this website is entitled to do so provided that the conditions below are observed:

  • you do not seek to imply that we are endorsing the services or products of another party unless this has been agreed with us in writing;

  • you do not misrepresent your relationship with this website; and

  • the website from which you link to this Website does not contain offensive or otherwise controversial content or, content that infringes any intellectual property rights or other rights of a third party.

  • By linking to our website you shall indemnify us for any loss or damage suffered to your website as a result of such linking.

DISCLAIMER - Whilst we do take all reasonable steps to make sure that the information on this website is up to date and accurate at all times we do not guarantee that all material is accurate and ,or up to date.


Part B: Booking Terms and Conditions
1. Booking Process

When you submit a Booking to us, you will be required to complete the prescribed booking form. You must be over the age of 18 (eighteen) and able to conclude binding contracts to submit a Booking to us. If you book on behalf of another person, you must have obtained their consent to use their personal information for this purpose. If you do not comply with the aforesaid you may not submit any Booking on this website. We may require you to provide us with suitable documents proving your age or the person on whose behalf the booking is made prior to accepting any Booking from you.

You may submit Booking requests to us by completing our online Booking process and submitting your payment information to us in the prescribed manner. Our Booking process will provide you with an opportunity to review the entire transaction, to correct any mistakes and to withdraw from the transaction before finally submitting your Booking request. Please make sure that the Booking details are correct before submitting the Booking request, since it is unlikely that any mistake you make can be rectified later. We may limit your Booking in respect of any Service Component to a specified number of persons to discourage unfair booking practices.

Once submitted, your Booking request will constitute an offer on the terms and conditions contained in these terms of use and the relevant Booking Terms that is open for acceptance by us to conclude a binding agreement with you. It is your responsibility to review such Booking Terms before making a Booking. Following receipt of your Booking request, we will send you a confirmation notice confirming acceptance or rejection of your Booking request containing the relevant booking number and the other relevant details. 

A legally binding contract will be formed between us upon the earlier of our sending of such a confirmation notice confirming our acceptance of your Booking. We reserve the right not to accept or process your Booking request and we will notify you if this is the case. In particular, we may refuse to accept your Booking for Service Components for lack of availability or if you do not meet the specified qualification criteria, including if you do not comply with the age requirement for the particular Service Component (in some cases as stipulated by law) or if the number of persons in your Booking exceeds any applicable limit specified for the relevant Service Component.

Please note that while we will try to send you a confirmation notice for every valid Booking request we receive from you, we cannot guarantee that such confirmation notice will be received by you, nor that, if they are received by you that they will be legible and uncorrupted. Your failure to receive such confirmation notice will not affect the validity of the agreement concluded between us in respect of a Booking.

If you do not receive a confirmation notice after submitting your payment information, or if you experience an error message or service interruption after submitting your payment information, you should confirm with us (Contact Us) whether or not your order has been received and processed. Only you may be aware of any problems that may have occurred during the Booking process. WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSSES YOU MAY INCUR IF YOU ASSUME THAT A BOOKING WAS NOT PROCESSED BECAUSE YOU FAILED TO RECEIVE OUR CONFIRMATION NOTICE.

The information you have submitted with your Booking request will be processed as you have provided it. If you realise that an error has been made or that you need to make a change to such information, you should Contact Us immediately.

A complete booking will be sent to the email address you provide to us during the Booking process. You should retain such record. We will also retain records of completed Bookings made by you for a period of 6 (six) months,

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