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Artificial Turf Rules of Use

No body like long lists of rules, but to ensure that our Artificial Turf is used in a safe and fair manner, which protect the facility from harm, we have to have some ground rules.

Please Help Us Protect our Turf

General Turf Rules

The Artificial Turf field is only available for use when a Facility Supervisor is present, and the fields are unlocked. Climbing the fence is prohibited.

This turf is designated for use by The Hockey Farm's members, affiliated Hockey Clubs' members, and those with valid artificial turf field reservations. You may be asked for proof of membership or reservation.  Anyone who fails to provide such proof will be asked to leave the grounds immediately.

Those with reservations are asked to not enter the fenced area until the person responsible for their booking has arrived.

The turf is available for hire for approved usage only. (Only hockey is approved for play on the turf, NO other sport may be played without permission from the facility supervisor.)

Only players, officials, coaches and medical staff are permitted on the turf and inside the fenced area.

Facility users must not enter the fenced area until their allotted time begins and must leave the field 5 minutes before the end of their allotted time to allow transition between groups.

Please don't climb on the fences. Always enter and exit the field at the designated gates.

All persons are to ensure that their footwear is free of grass, mud and other dirt before going onto the turf.

There are things that can really harm the turf and are completely banned...

  • No smoking or tobacco products are permitted within the fenced area.

  • No chewing gum.

  • No open flames or fireworks are permitted with in the fenced area.

  • No animals are permitted within the fenced area (except to assist persons of disability).

  • No glass bottles or glass containers of any sort are permitted within the fenced area.

  • No bicycles, skate boards, roller blades or any other vehicles are permitted within the fenced area (except for maintenance or in case of emergencies).

  • No modal planes, rockets, cars or similar are permitted with in the fenced area.

Please do not kick, hit or throw soccer balls, etc at the goal boxes or fences.

Please do not hang on the cross bar of the goal boxes.

Food and Drink

Only water in non-breakable containers is permitted on the turf. 

No food is permitted on the turf, including (and especially) chewing gum.

Turf Care

Please only use main D's for matches.  Practise only in the practice D's.

Please immediately wash away any blood or vomit that is spilt onto the turf and alert the facility staff.

Substances that may stain the turf, such as ointments or sunscreen must be kept at player benches or outside the fenced area.  

Please do not slide any heavy objects (including the goal boxes) on the turf.

No painting, chalking, tape or other adhesive material is to be applied to the surface without prior approval.

Thank You!

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