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The following clubs are hosted at The Hockey Farm and hold practices and home matches on our facilities.

PLEASE NOTE that each of these clubs is independent of the The Hockey Farm, they are autonomous and are organised and operated according to their own structures and procedures. The Hockey Farm cannot vouch for their suitability, standard or the accuracy of their contact information.


The Hockey Farm Club started in 2017. Our aim is to expose more high school students to senior hockey, where they can learn and grow under the guidance of our more experienced senior players.

The Hockey Farm runs a High school Academy on a weekly basis, and those members can join our club at a discounted rate.


The Hockey Farm currently has four senior teams playing in the Nkangala leagues.

  • Outdoor Hockey & Indoor Hockey

  • Home Field: The Hockey Farm

  • Teams: Ladies 1st team and ladies 2nd team / English Bulldogs (men’s 1st team) and American Bulldogs (men’s 2nd team)

  • Practice Times:  Tuesdays, 18h30-20h00 


Eric Conway 084 245 9020

Witbank Hockey Club

Established in 1943, Witbank Hockey Club is one of Witbank's oldest sport clubs.

  • Outdoor Hockey

  • Home Field: The Hockey Farm

  • Teams: Men’s Team ( All ages from high school and above) Men’s Masters team (35 and up) Ladies Team ( All ages from high school and above)

  • Practice Times:  Thursdays 18h30 – 19h30  at The Hockey Farm Astro


You can't contact us, we'll contact you

The Highveld Hounds

The Highveld Hounds are not really a club, we're more of a gathering.

We are an  association of Hockey Players who get together every now and then to play in tournaments and the occasional league.

We have a "Dads and Lads" side which enters the Hockey Power Series leagues and we ALWAYS have a great time doing so.

  • Outdoor Hockey & Indoor Hockey

  • Home Field: The Hockey Farm

  • Teams: Men’s Team ( All ages ) 

  • Practice Times: What's that?

The Mpumalanga Mambas

The Mpumalanga Mambas are one of the Pro Series Indoor Franchises in South Africa.

Our home is at the Hockey Farm in the "Snake Pit".

The Mpumalanga  Mambas play matches against other PSi franchise teams from time to time - especially our close neighbours, the Gauteng Gryphons, The East Rand Quaggas, Pretoria Pit Bulls and the Tswane Titans. But, of course, the highlight is the PSi National Tournament which we attend each year.

  • Indoor Hockey

  • Home Field: The Hockey Farm Indoor Centre

  • Teams: Girls and Boys ( u11 to u18 ) 

  • Practice Times: Team dependant

M.A.D. Multisport Witbank

In 2014, M.A.D. Witbank began operating out of The Hockey Farm in Witbank. Formerly the Witbank Marathon Club, this exciting group of vibrant runners and triathletes share the same ideals as their parent club, M.A.D Multisport. 

M.A.D. Witbank has three main sections to cater for a wide variety of needs. They are the Triathlon section, running section and cycling section.   Each section organises it's training events, coaching and supported race schedule.  

So whether it's swim, bike, run or all three that you may be interested in, whether you are in JHB, Boksburg, Pretoria or Witbank, M.A.D. Multisport can help you perform to your potential.

  • Triathlons, Running and Cycling

  • Meets: We get together for training and races. During the summer months we have a monthly time-trial at The Hockey Farm where we run the infamous Hockey Farm Track, a cross country trail which is beautiful as well as challenging.

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