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Tournament Information

Elite Men Indoor Hockey Challenge 2023

Competition Format

Pool Round

There are a total of eight teams participating in this year’s competition. These teams will be divided into two pools (Pool A and Pool B) with four teams each. Each team in each pool will play all the other teams in that pool in a round robin competition to determine a pool ranking – i.e. each team will play three matches in the pool stage. (Ranking will be determined as explained in detail below.)

The score at the end of the regulation time of these pool matches will be registered as the result of the match. Points will be allocated as follows:

3 Points for a Win - 1 Point for a Draw - 0 points for a Loss

Cross Pool Round

Once the pool matches are complete, the finishing ranking of each team in each pool will determine which teams paly each other in the Cross-Pool Round or Quarter-Final round. There will be four Quarter-Final matches, assigned as follows:

Match winners go on to play Semi-finals, while the match losers go onto Play-off matches.

Semi-finals & Play-offs